Wedding Planner: Getting Married in Fiji

With over 300 islands loaded with pristine beaches, Fiji offers couples a year-round wedding destination that combines an invariably warm and tropical climate, with the beauty of clear blue seas and stunning tropical scenery.

The temperature rarely climbs out of the comfortable range, and there is no cold season in Fiji, so it’s perfect for a wedding in January, June, or year round. Though from November to April (the rainy season in the South Pacific), couples may need to consult the weather report before heading to the beach to tie the knot.

Even during the tropical season, when prices are at their lowest in this island paradise, there are many stunning alternative locations to the beach to plan your wedding. The islands boast many idyllic rainforest locations, beautiful chapels, exclusive resorts, and high-end hotels for the bride and groom to choose from.

While technical issues and the costs of getting married in Fiji are discussed below, couples should also look into wedding packages offered by the resorts. The Rainforest Wedding package available through Koro Sun Resort is of special note, and includes the wedding ceremony and reception for 25 guests, together with accommodations for the bride and groom for 5 nights. As part of the package, the newly wed couple will get help from a personal wedding coordinator, all of the traditional Fijian tropical flowers one could ask for, as well as a ceremony conducted by a minister (either the beachfront or rainforest venue). More information is available at the Koro Sun Resort website.

Fijian weddings require a Fijian marriage license, which can be obtained at any marriage registry on the islands. Fijian marriages are legally binding and will be legally recognized upon return to the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.  In order to obtain a Fijian marriage license, both bride and groom must be able to produce their original birth certificates, valid passports, divorce decrees (if applicable), or death certificates of any previous spouses, and proof of parental consent if either partner is under 21. Consent must be from the applicant’s father if alive, or mother (if the father is deceased).

There are a great many more requirements for obtaining a Fijian marriage license if either or both partners are not citizens of the U.S., the U.K., New Zealand, or Australia, or if the couple desires to have a Catholic wedding. Couples are strongly advised to check with the Fijian Marriage Registry for a full list of requirements, depending on their country of origin, and to do so several months prior to arriving in Fiji.

A marriage license currently costs $25 Fijian dollars, and the application process typically takes about 15 minutes to complete. Upon issue, a Fijian wedding license is valid for up to 28 days. Alternatively, a District Officer of the Fijian Registry may perform weddings at the district office without a marriage license. Marriage certificates are typically available within 15 days.