Honeymoons and Weddings in Fiji: Travel Planning Guide

With 322 islands boasting incredible white-sand beaches; gorgeous, clear-blue lagoons; tropical rainforest mountains; an invariably gentle and warm climate with year-round temperatures that hover in the mid-eighties; and the friendliest locals a world-weary traveler is likely to find. Fiji makes for an incredible, unforgettable location to begin a life together.

Whether you’re looking to relax and recover from the preparations and execution of the biggest day of your lives as you take the first steps as a married couple, or you’re looking to embark on your first great adventure, Fiji will accommodate you beyond your wildest expectations.

The islands boast many all-inclusive luxury resorts. Honeymooning couples can choose from a wide array of relaxation-inducing spa packages, massage and beauty therapies, gourmet cooking, wine and spirits. You’ll also find plenty of secluded, often private beaches where you can sit together in the sand, and watch the setting sun or rising moon put on a display against a postcard-perfect backdrop.

Many of the islands’ accommodations are built either at the water’s edge, or out over the water itself. The Edgewater Villas at Koro Sun Resort offer a perfect example, and provide for getaway moments that allow you to feel like you’re the only two people in paradise. The resort also offers a unique couples dinner experience (the Passion Under Palms package) inspired by The Bachelorette. As part of this favorite getaway for honeymooners, couples can look forward to lavish treatment, including champagne breakfast, candlelight dinner, an indulgent massage treatment, and more.

However, if relaxation isn’t your only aim, Fiji offers a staggering array of adventure options for the newlywed couple. Widely considered to be the soft coral capital of the world, Fiji entices the avid or first-time snorkeler or diver to investigate some of the most breathtaking undersea panoramas the world has to offer.

If your adventurous tastes lie more in the waves than under them, Fiji offers visitors world-class windsurfing and whitewater rafting on the upper Navua River. Many resorts rent equipment, and can book classes and guide services.

Prefer to keep your feet on solid ground? Pack your hiking boots and enter Fiji’s world-renowned tropical rainforests. Many of the islands boast great trails leading to either secluded waterfalls dropping into refreshing pools of crystal clear water. Zip-line tours of the forest canopy can be booked, as well as helicopter tours, stand up paddle boarding and reef fishing trips.