Gardens And Aquaculture Program

At Koro Sun Resort, the large majority of our fruit, vegetables and root crops  are grown and picked fresh from the resort gardens daily.  This produce is used daily by our Chefs, who enjoy offering the finest in fresh organic foods.

A selection of tropical fruits such as papayas referred to as (pawpaw), bananas, lemon, limes, passion fruit, coconuts and breadfruit are available throughout the year. Avacados, pineapples, mangoes and kavika (local pears) are our seasonal fruits that can be found from November to late January.

Our primary root crops dalo/ rourou (taro roots & leaves), cassava (Fijian potato), bele and ota (local spinach) can be found throughout our gardens.

Additionally we harvest tomatoes, lettuce, cabbages, cucumbers, eggplants, and several varieties of beans. To compliment these, we have a large selection of fresh herbs used daily in our cuisine and cocktails.

Our future plans for the gardens include additional of cocoa, vanilla, noni and kava (a traditional Fijian drink, known locally as “Grog”).

Currently we are processing extracts of virgin coconut oil, noni juice and vanilla beans on site. These are available for purchase from the resort gift shop for our guests to enjoyment. With our abundant and extensive selection of fresh ingredients, we are also experimenting with different recipes for fruit smoothies and frozen snack fruit bars. You can try our personal favorite recipe combinations or design your own special mixture of tropical delight. You never know, if it tastes great, we may even name it after you and include it in our menu!

Either way, your body will love you for it. Enjoy