Adventure Packages

$340 USD per couple/$170 USD per single + tax

Koro Sun is all about exploration, and adventure, with many excursions to choose from. Our favorites we’ve put together into an amazing package sure to satisfy your sense of adventure and need for relaxation.

Waterfall Expedition (half day)
Everyone’s Favorite activity starts with a kava presentation and visit to a local village. Hike to a pristine waterfall in the jungle and immerse yourself in the cool water at the base of the water fall. Watch the local children climb up the rocks and jump from the top into the pond.
Includes lunch where applicable

Salt River Kayak Adventure (half day)
Paddle with the current from the put in in a clear salt river past thick mangroves where the fish spawn. The river opens into the largest salt lake on the island where you can explore and land on the small island in the middle. Float or paddle back out with the tide.

Massage at the Rainforest Spa (one hour)
Your Fijian massage therapist will lead you into the magical rainforest along a stream to the spa, perfectly situated next to a pool of seven small waterfalls. At the Rainforest Spa we incorporate pure coconut oils and Pure Fiji products to bathe your body and sooth your senses. You will be transported to a relaxing state with the sounds of the waterfall, and birds chirping. Experience the skilled hands of Fijian massage therapist. A week of adventure, calls for relaxation!
Float or paddle back out with the tide.